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“When the passion for the good things is transmitted with love”
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For over 40 years we have been baking bread, pizzas, cakes and pastries to bring our passion for good food to your tables. Every day we search for the best raw materials, select the finest flour, elaborate them with respect and dedication to offer genuine, artisan, tasty, fresh products that evoke good traditional flavour.
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From 17th to 20th March you can find us at IFE- International Food and Drink Event, London.

It will be the perfect occasion to get to know our pizza bases and new bases for this occasion!! Pizza bases created to satisfy the palates of customers that wish to admire the scent and flavour of the grains.
Rosette del Panificio Cappucci CEPAGATTI
We are able to satisfy every request, offering a wide selection of doughs: rye, soft wheat, multigrain, corn, wholemeal.

We only select high quality flour, flour ground from Italian wheat.
Our loaves, rolls, baguettes, buns, sandwiches are all handmade by our expert bakers. Basic ingredients such as water, flour, salt and yeast are expertly nursed and kneaded to give fragrant, tasty and natural products with no added preservatives or chemical additives.

The yeast is a natural yeast (sourdough) that has been regenerated for over 40 years to give life to products that are highly digestible.
Dolci  del Panificio Cappucci CEPAGATTI
Fresh cakes or biscuits, the keyword is tradition.

Cappucci confectionery offers festive cakes: panettoni, colombe, zeppole, chiacchiere, all fresh high quality products to brighten your festive days.
Cappucci offers a wide selection of biscuits, tarts and cakes to give a special treat to everyday life.

The production site holds a large workshop capable of satisfying every client request, cakes for recurring events, business gifts.
Pizze del Panificio Cappucci CEPAGATTI
Every day we bake delicious pastries and pizzas that you can find in our sales points or in numerous MMR sales points in Abruzzo that we supply on a daily basis.

Pan brioche, fiadoni, pizzas, calzoni for a tasty snack or a quick lunch.

All products are made following traditional recipes, produced with high quality raw materials and worked with love and respect
DETTO FATTO - Basi pizza
Detto e Fatto ® is a registered trademark  that offers to Food Servce Retailers and the public, handmade pizza bases, naturally risen, hand shaped, pre-cooked and deep frozen, with the intention of offering the possibility for the consumer to experience genuinity, fragrance and lightness.
Try the simplicity and genuinity of the pizza bases and let your creativity take over for unique toppings
The pizza bases are the latest arrival in the family of Cappucci products, pre-cooked bases which you can find in MMR or frozen for the HoReCa operators.
Sourdough that we have been regenerating for over 40 years are expertly worked, left to rest and after over 24 hours of rising
Basic traditional ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, flour from Italian wheat, water from our mountains, salt and sourdough that we have been regenerating for over 40 years are expertly worked, left to rest and after over 24 hours of rising they are shaped by hand by our expert bakers all of which gives the product an aspect and delicacy that only an artisan product can give.
Our bases are pre-cooked in a stone oven because stone gradually releases heat and creates a crispy and fragrant product that a real pizza merits.
The pre-cooked bases allow the saving of time, resouces, machinery and reduce waste not giving up to flavour and quality.
They are adaptable to any kind of toppings thanks to the different shapes available (rectangle, round, round focaccia, small round, long focaccia)
You can choose from various doughs, cornflour, semolina, multigrain.
Vincenzo and Antonio Cappucci decided to learn the art of baking and began their careers as trainees in a small bakery in Cepagatti. The scent of freshly baked products convinced Vincenzo and Antonio into opening their own bakery in 1980.
The search for quality raw materials, local products such as extra virgin olive oil, antique wheat from the Abruzzo territory and the sourdough which has been renewed on a daily basis for over 40 years makes the Cappucci bakery renowned for its quality and traditional products.
The family grows and thanks to the precious help of the wives, Elena and Cinzia, the proposals increase as does the capillarity of the service and with the opening of new sales points it consents the Cappucci products to be able to arrive on the tables of many Abruzzo inhabitants.
From 1990 to 2000 the Cappucci bakery expands its structure and thanks to investments in  new installations and machinery it is able to produce 15000 loaves of bread and insert itself in Mass Market Retailers.
The business spirit of the Cappucci family pushes Vincenzo and Antonio into setting up a new project and in 2012 the idea of “Detto e Fatto” is born. ® .
Today the Cappucci bakery is a team of 20 people who can satisfy every request because what counts is the quality and craftsmanship  of our products.
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Cappucci Bakery is certified ISO 9001
combine modernity and tradition in perfect harmony
The Cappucci bakery in Cepagatti is an artisan bakery that produces and sells a wide range of oven baked products such as various forms of fresh bread, confectionery, pizzas, focaccias, pizza bases for the HoReCa sector and products for festive occasions.  For over 40 years the family has brought tradition, quality and taste to the tables of families, restaurants, pizzerias, canteens and bars.

The large Cappucci family is composed of 20 staff members of which 12 are bakers who, on a daily basis, select raw materials, mix, bake and deliver artisan products. Genuine and traditional products to satisfy every request.
The collaboration with the whole chain, the artisan method and the in-depth knowledge of baking results in producing high quality products and to satisfy every single client request and market.

A reliable partner for MMR, Ho.Re.Ca, gastronomy, retailers and consumers that don’t want to give up the right equilibrium between, flavour, quality and convenience.
Don't hesitate to contact us to receive more information or free estimates.
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